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Pet Visits / Pop-Ins

Visiting your lovely pets when you need us to.

Pet visits and pop-ins

Enable you to leave your pet at home in its familiar surrounding whilst sticking to their normal routine. This service is particularly helpful for pets that become easily anxious, upset and stressed when placed in strange and new environments. I can make regular visits to your home as frequently as you require, ensuring your pet is happy and content. This service is available for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Fish etc. As a pet owner I know just how difficult it can be to leave your furry friends behind when going to work or on holiday. I can offer a tailor made service to ease the stress of these occasions. You can feel confident knowing that your pets are receiving the very best care and attention when you cannot be there.

Senior Dog Visits

I offer either a gentle stroll or a stretch of the legs in the garden, tummy rubs and TLC! We can discuss your individual requirements. Pet visits and pop-ins are generally 30 minutes but the duration can be altered to your specific requirements. I can also water plants, remove mail from doorways, open and close curtains and put bins out if requested for no extra charge.

    During the visit I will:
  • Interact
  • Cuddle and Play
  • Provide fresh water and feed as required
  • Clean bowls, litter boxes, Hutches and Cages
  • Medicate if required

General Guide For Pop-ins/Pet Visits

Dogs - Minimum of 2 visits per every 12 Hours
Cats -Generally happy with 1-2 visits per day
Small Animals - 1 Visit per day
Please Note -puppies and kittens will require extra visits.


Pet Visits / Pop Ins: £8.00 30 Mins £15.00 Per Hour (Longer durations on request.)