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Dog Walking

Efficient stress free dog walking services.

dog walking

Your dog will be collected from your home or place of work and safely transported for a fun walk, away from busy roads. My aim is to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day. Your pet will receive as much love and affection in my care as you give them yourselves…That’s a promise! Allow me to reduce some of the daily anxiety that you feel leaving them behind due to busy lives and work schedules. Your dog can be walked alone or as part of a small group (Maximum 4), which ensures a safe and fun walk. All dogs will initially be walked on a lead.

Once I have established a good recall and built a strong trusting relationship with your pet, they can then be let off the lead and only with your consent. Walking in groups helps to improve and develop your dog’s social skills when they make new doggy friends. Regular exercise also reduces boredom and stress, which can prevent behavioural problems.

Your dog will be safely returned happy, tired and content. Tired dog = Happy owner! I will check that water bowls are filled, wet dogs are towelled down and I can also meet any feeding requirements. Please contact me to arrange a free meet and greet.


Dog Walking: £10.00 Per Hour £5.00 Per Hour (per additional dog from same household.)